Seeking Real Feedback to Grow

Have any input that will make our company better? Add them on our very own SoapBox and help foster a brighter, more collaborative culture @ SoapBoxHQ

Paragraph 1 Title How It Works

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  1. Think hard about what would make our company the best!
  2. Put'em on the SoapBox
  3. Get your colleagues onto the SoapBox and start voting. Peer pressure them if you have to
  4. The best will turn into reality!
  5. Rinse and repeat

Paragraph 2 Title Our SoapBox Goals

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  • Everyone can use improvements, and so can we. What are some things we can do to improve our culture and company happiness?
    Product Improvements:
  • Find the bugs, so we can squash them good!
  • Suggest ideas to make our product even better! It's all about Product/Market fit and building a rock-solid product

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